Slumber Party!

Because who doesn't like a slumber party?

LJ Slumber Party
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Remember the slumber parties you used to have back in high school? Staying up late, giggling over the dreamiest boys or girls in school, talking about your hopes and dreams for the future? Watching old movies and swooning over the romantic but cheesy lines? Playing Truth or Dare and squealing when Missy dared you to kiss Tommy the next day at school because ewwww, Tommy was so not cute and ohmigod, I'll die if I have to kiss him??

Slumber parties are few and far between nowadays for us grownups, and I think that needs to change. We'll gather together on a regular basis and relive one of the rites of passage for a teenage girl: the slumber party. Looking for a old-fashioned slumber party but with a modern twist? This is your place!