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February 2006
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God is too busy to mock others so we have to do it [userpic]

Okay, so we have a shiny new layout. And by "shiny new layout" I mean, one of the free ones that let me change the color themes. Go team me!

Anyway, because I am a huge dork, and pretty worship the movie Grease, I've... uh... well, I've used quotes from the movie as the designations for user info, entries, etc. Since it makes sense really only to *me* I thought I would explain them to you so confusion wouldn't reign supreme.

Under the navigate box:

She looks too pure to be pink = entries

Are you making fun of me, Riz? = calendar/archive

The Pink Ladies = friends

Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee = user info

Also, marenfic has graciously agreed to be a co-maintainer. If y'all have any questions and for some reason I've been eaten by a bear or I'm too busy watching Boy in the Plastic Bubble, you can ask her.

I believe we can have a links list with this layout so here's your chance to hit me with your ideas. What fun sites would y'all like to see in the links list? Go Fug Yourself, the Superficial, the most to-die-for chocolate, the most SQUEE-worthy crushes . . . anything. Just post a comment with the links and I'll add them.

So far in the poll, "Thursday" and "doesn't matter to me" are tied. So, if you haven't voted, go here to do so. Thanks!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Yay! I love Grease! I always wanted to be a Pink Lady! Do we get the cool jackets, too?

HA! We *so* should have Pink Lady jackets. My mom made one a couple of years when she and my dad went to a church fall carnival as Sandy and Danny. I should totally get to make us some. *g*

Grease is the greatest movie of all time.

Our second day skit for Rush was Grease.

Oh-yeah baby.

You're the one that we want, you're the one we want, ooh ooh ooh THETA!

So was ours!

We've got chills, they're multiplyin', cause we looooooove Z-T-A

Ahh, Rush. My most hated time in sorority life. :P

Grease, pretty much watched it religiously! I adored that movie as a young girl and years later still one of my favs. I always wanted to be a Pink Lady and find my 'greaser'. *sigh* Didn't quite get the singin' Danny but I think it's a better version. lol

Hee!! I *heart* Grease very, very much. I wore through about three tapes growing up because I would watch the movie so much. *g*

And, hi!! *bounces* I've added you back on my flist and I've been meaning to say hi. So HI!! *waves*

YAY!! New friend! So excited! *Squee* *BIG FLAIRING ARM WAVE*

My mom and I would always watch them together when Dad was outta town. We'd do our own little slumber party. Get some snacks and watch Grease. :)

We should certainly have TheSuperficial.com on the links.

YAY! Celebrity gossip is the best! (Except when it gets me into trouble. Shhhh!) I love TheSuperficial.com so much--I'm always refreshing the page to check for updates. *G*

I adored that movie as a young girl ...

I wore through about three tapes growing up because I would watch the movie so much.

Oh I feel old. I saw Grease in the theaters when in high school. It was not even around when I was a young girl

And since VHS tapes were invented in 1978 (same year Grease came out), I never saw it on tape growing up, so of course never wore a tape out then.



Uhm, okay? Any particular reason why you're calling me a bitch?