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February 2006
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God is too busy to mock others so we have to do it [userpic]

Alright, Pink Ladies. Who's ready to PARTY?!!? Who brought the movies? Who brought the cookies? And more importantly, WHO BROUGHT THE ALCOHOL?!? *g*

The lovely and talented dawnydiesel suggested that in addition to the three major posts (that I will be posting in just a moment) people be allowed to post whatever they want throughout the day. So, have at it! The only thing I ask is that since many of us will be playing during the day, possibly at work *coughs*, if you post any images, especially any non-worksafe images, please put them behind a cut tag. We don't want to deny anyone the thrill of naked men or women, just remember that some of us might be around sensitive eyes. ;) Also, if you post something that is not an image in a separate post, please post any warnings about non-worksafe-ness (nudity, foul language easily seen, etc.).

So, let's make it official, shall we?

funslumberparty IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Unrealized Reality [userpic]

This is the post where you will list your top five male crushes and your top five female crushes.

Let's hear it, whores!

Dawny's top five male crushes
- Bruce Campbell
- Nathan Fillion
- Christian Kane
- Julian McMahon
- Michael Weatherly

Dawny's top five female crushes
- Angelina Jolie
- Lucy Lawless
- Hudson Leick
- Claudia Black
- Pauley Perrette

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